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Play House – Electro Phoenix (No Copyright Music)

Unlock the Beat: “Electro Phoenix” – Your Copyright-Free EDM Anthem

Are you searching for the ultimate copyright-free EDM track that can elevate your content and set the stage for electrifying moments? Look no further! “Electro Phoenix” by Play House is the musical journey you’ve been seeking. This upbeat, genre-blending EDM masterpiece seamlessly merges elements of house, techno, and trance music, offering a pulsating beat and uplifting synths that are sure to set any dancefloor on fire.

Where to Tune In

You don’t have to wait to experience the magic of “Electro Phoenix.” Simply head over to our YouTube playlist to immerse yourself in the captivating soundscape. But that’s not all! You can also enjoy this track on any platform of your choice by visiting Songwhip. And for those who prefer to have the music at their fingertips, you can download it for FREE on SoundCloud.

Why Copyright-Free Music Matters

At Play House, we understand the importance of supporting content creators like you. That’s why we’ve made the conscious choice to share our music without any copyright restrictions. This means you have the freedom to use “Electro Phoenix” in your YouTube videos, Twitch streams, or any creative project without worrying about copyright claims. The only thing we ask is that you refrain from claiming it as your own. While crediting us is not mandatory, it’s greatly appreciated.

If you find our music inspiring and want to show your support, you can do so by liking, commenting, and subscribing to our channels. Additionally, if you’re feeling generous, consider buying us a coffee. For every dollar spent, a percentage automatically contributes to next-generation carbon removal projects, aiding our planet in its quest for sustainability. Support us here.

Connect with Play House

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A Soundtrack for Every Moment

Play House specializes in creating no copyright music that suits a wide range of purposes. Whether you’re looking for motivating workout music, the perfect gym soundtrack, gaming background tunes, or engaging vlogging music, our collection has you covered. “Electro Phoenix” and our other tracks are designed to inspire and motivate, making them perfect for use at parties or as background music for popular games like Fortnite, Roblox, Apex Legends, PUBG, Valorant, and Call of Duty.

Our music is equally at home in clubbing scenes, parties, and festival settings. Crafted to be high-energy and engaging, it’s sure to get people moving and ensure a fantastic time wherever it’s played.


Play House takes pride in offering you “Electro Phoenix” and a wealth of copyright-free music options. Our mission is to empower content creators like you with exceptional music while contributing to a greener planet through our carbon removal initiatives.

Don’t wait any longer; immerse yourself in the world of “Electro Phoenix” and let its dynamic beats inspire your next masterpiece. Remember, our music is not just free from copyright restrictions; it’s a source of boundless energy and enthusiasm. Join us in making content creation more vibrant and enjoyable than ever before.

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Note: “Electro Phoenix” and all other Play House music is exclusively written, produced, engineered, and recorded by us.

Play House
Play House

Play House has always had a passion for music and began experimenting with DJing and production.
He began releasing his own original tracks and remixes on popular music platforms. His unique blend of house music and techno influences quickly caught the attention of industry tastemakers and fans alike.

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