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Play House Drops Mind-Blowing EDM Hit “Weak”

Weak by Play House

The talented artist known as Play House is ready to touch your soul with his new single, “Weak.” This heartfelt EDM track invites you to explore your emotions and embark on a musical journey that’s truly special. Released on November…

Play House

Official Logo for Play House

In the vibrant and diverse Parisian EDM scene, Play House is quickly emerging as a rising star. Known for his distinctive blend of house, techno, and electronica, his music is often characterized as experimental and innovative. Play House’s ability to…

Navigating the Challenges of Modern DJing: Tips for New DJs

engaging image that captures the intense journey of new DJs as they conquer unprecedented challenges to shine in a technology-driven era of music. Depict the electrifying blend of traditional DJing skills and cutting-edge equipment, symbolizing their path from obscurity to stardom. Let the image showcase the clash between artistic expression and commercial demands, all while reflecting the dynamic evolution of music consumption habits. Incorporate elements of netw

In today’s rapidly evolving DJing landscape, aspiring disc jockeys face an array of unique challenges stemming from technological advancements and shifting music consumption patterns. While these changes offer exciting opportunities, they also give rise to distinct struggles that new DJs…